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Resource for Bulbasaur

    "abilities": [
            "name": "overgrow",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/ability/1/"
            "name": "chlorophyll",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/ability/2/"
    "attack": 49,
    "catch_rate": 45,
    "created": "2013-11-02T12:08:25.745455",
    "defense": 49,
    "egg_cycles": 21,
    "egg_groups": [
            "name": "Monster",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/egg/1/"
            "name": "Grass",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/egg/8/"
    "ev_yield": "1 Sp Atk",
    "evolutions": {
        "level": 16,
        "method": "level up",
        "resource_uri": "/api/v1/pokemon/2/",
        "to": "Ivysaur"
    "exp": 64,
    "growth_rate": "ms",
    "happiness": 70,
    "height": "2'4",
    "hp": 45,
    "male_female_ratio": "87.5/12.5",
    "modified": "2013-11-02T13:28:04.914889",
    "moves": [
            "learn_type": "other",
            "name": "Tackle",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/move/1/"
            "learn_type": "other",
            "name": "Growl",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/move/2/"
            "learn_type": "level up",
            "level": 10,
            "name": "Vine whip",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/move/3/"
    "name": "Bulbasaur",
    "national_id": 1,
    "resource_uri": "/api/v1/pokemon/4/",
    "sp_atk": 65,
    "sp_def": 65,
    "species": "seed pokemon",
    "speed": 45,
    "total": 318,
    "types": [
            "name": "grass",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/type/5/"
            "name": "poison",
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/type/8/"
    "weight": "15.2lbs"

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This is a full RESTful API linked to an extensive database detailing everything about the Pokémon main game series.

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How can I start using the API?

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